Welcome to My WordPress resources! On this page, if you are a developer or want to be a developer I will provide you with useful resources that I use to built sites.
I don’t make any money from them, these are just tools I use and would recommend.


Since I was used to visual studio for C# I wanted something fast and lightweight to help me at my web development process. It has everything you want to start, helps you with code completion and errors and has plugins for almost everything! It’s not only for PHP but for anything web related. A very good and fast IDE highly recommended.



I’ m running all my sites in cloud VPS with Digital Ocean. At first months I had time to manage my servers. Now that I’m working in some projects I don’t have time for this so I gave the “keys” to Cloudways to do it for me and they worth every penny. Amazing support, great API that handles with simple clicks most jobs. Really pleased from them!


Google Drive

You probably already know or have it. You can’t imagine how many times it saved me for restoring data. Cloud is the future, is safe and fast. Perfect service. Thank you google!

No words