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About Wordpress

Wordpress is a leading Content Management System that is used by many companies, sites, blogs.

No coding at all!

With Wordpress anyone without coding or programming at all can make changes to his site, add content, themes, updates and in other words, anything an administrator could do.

Controlled by you, but with customer support!

You will update your site and you will have customer support since I'm not leaving my clients when needed.

Who benefits from Wordpress?


Any company can use it if they want to update their sites content simple and fast. From Fortune, BBC to small local shops.

Personal/portfolio sites

A site that doesn’t get updates and new content becomes boring and less visited over time. Even for your personal, portfolio site you need to update it so you can attract new visitors and employers.


WordPress started as a blog platform so people could make blogs without coding. It’s so powerful though that’s used by any kind of sites nowdays.

Value For MONEY

Since you will be able to update your site, you won’t need to pay developers for each change.

Wordpress features

Easy update your site.

Custom made theme for your needs.

Many plugins that will do stuff for you.

Active community and documentation.

E-commerce solutions.

Final site features

At the end you will have a very beautiful and powerful site.

Responsive Web design

A professional and smart website

It will fulfill all your needs and your clients will enjoy it in all devices.

Premium quality sites

Premium quality

All my projects have high quality and clean code so users receive maximum experience.

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Easy-to-use with WordPress

As you saw you will have control of your site since your site will be dynamically updated by you.

Your developer

George Tourtsinakis
Developer George Tourtsinakis

A highly skilled professional, George Tourtsinakis is a passionate web designer and developer.

The numbers don't lie

3+ years experience
20+ High quality projects
150000+ Lines of code

What People Are Saying About George?

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George I would really like to thank you for the excellent collaboration we had.

–Stellatos Evangelos, Professor in National University of Athens.
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Thats magic mate thanks! Thanks for your help.

–Christopher Daly, Web Developer.
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Thank you George for building and maintaining our site for so many years.

–Kostas Michalis, Co-owner of

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